Grinding and rebuilding components

SORA can perform any specific action on engines and components: upon request, can provide assistance even moving directly into the locations designated by customers.

Some of the most significant works we can do:

• Test Bench Control max 800cv

• Engine testing on 4 test benches, also electronically controlled, plus a certificate (max 800hp / 900 hp of peak)

• Electronic balancing with fixed machine (4 bearings, capacity from 100g to 450Kg) or with portable machine, both high-precision

• Engine shafts grinding (max. length 3000 mm)

• Industrial grinding

• Gearboxes and differentials overhauling

• Crankcase overhauling

• Injection pumps overhauling

• Turbochargers overhauling

• Camshafts reconstruction

• Cylinder heads reconstruction

• Cast-iron cylinder blocks repair

• Welding hard facing on cast iron, aluminium and steel (our specialized personnel can fully reconstruct out of sale parts making it possible to restore old engines at a moderate cost)

• Cylinder blocks boring

• and any other mechanical manufacturing