Terms of sale

1. The payment, unless differently agreed, will be made by advanced bank transfer.

2. In case of breach of the agreed terms and conditions of payment, interest on arrears will be charged, ex D.Lgsl 231/2002, with an increase of 7 percentage points on the ECB’s rate.

3. The transport from our Company, unless differently agreed, is intended EX WORKS Faenza (Incoterms 2010). The risks for any loss or damage in transit to the final destination will be full responsibility of the client and will be debited to him as all the charges for eventual damages caused to third parties or the property of others.

4. In case of direct collection, this must be made within 7 working days from the notification of the availability of the goods sold and / or put into manufacturing.

5. In case of lack of collection within the agreed time, also with the transport company, SORA Srl may consider itself free from any contractual link and charge the customer eventual costs.

6. Eventual delays in the delivery of the good specified in the contract, due to a fortuitous event, unavoidable accident or unforeseen cannot be claimed as damages by the client.

7. S.O.R.A. Srl reserves the right to give to third parties in which relies, the task to do the work or any job/service, as well as selling to the buyer products remanufactured by third parties.

8. The prices indicated in our catalogue are VAT-EXCLUDED and can be changed by SORA Srl without any notification.

9. In case of legal disputes relating to the contract, as the competent jurisdiction court. art.28, 29 will be the Court of Ravenna, separated section of Faenza (RA).

Warranty terms

S.O.R.A. Srl provides a guarantee of the remanufactured and/or worked goods made in its workshop for a period of 12 months from the delivery date.
The warranty is limited to the remanufactured good that has been sold or the good on which some work has been done, therefore any other eventually installed good/item is excluded.
The warranty does not work or works in a limited way when the customer has been previously informed of the defect and has accepted it.
This warranty gives the right for the repair or replacement of the good sold or defective, if it is not conformable, as provided by the existing laws, only if the lack of conformity has been reported within the law terms and only if SORA Srl was able to verify the actual existence of the defect.

The warranty does not cover:
Towing expenses, travel and transportation;
Downtime of the vehicle;
Consumable material (filters, lubricants, antifreeze, etc ..);
All expenses not expressly stated in the warranty.

Eventual works done in warranty through external workshops, with prior and necessary authorization from SORA Srl, will be paid back only if they are carried out respecting the times that have been settled by the manufacturers.

The inconveniences caused by the customer or third parties are not covered by the warranty, such as negligence, breach of the services specified by the manufacturer, incorrect or improper use and assembly of the remanufactured good, accidents or events not related to the work that has been done.

The warranty is declined if the goods or parts processed are modified, removed, and / or altered without prior authorization of the company SORA Srl.

The warranty will be rejected for breach of the agreed payment obligations.
S.O.R.A. Srl is expressly exonerated of any liability and damages that may be caused by things and / or people, during the use of the good sold or manufactured.