Engine Remanufacturing

The rebuilt engines guarantee reliability, quality and longevity equivalent to the new ones and ensure the same warranty. In addition to the affordable price/quality ratio also allows to save natural resources and preserve the environment.

The rebuilt engine in fact requires less new raw materials and it estimates that from four damaged parts of an engine is possible to obtain three parts reconditioned and perfectly working.

It also allows the 80% saving energy required to produce a new engine and it reduces the air pollution; the replacement of a worn engine with a reconditioned one, breaks down the emission of pollutants.

How does it regenerate an engine?

The used engine is completely disassembled and the parts to regenerate are treated in cleaning tanks. Later they are treated in specialized departments: the engine fundamental parts as crankcase, crankshaft, cylinder head, and camshaft are rebuilt, respecting the manufacturer values; all the worn components are replaced by new parts. Processes are performed in compliance with the guidelines provided by the manufacturers. Finally, at the end of the working process, the engine is assembled and tested.