The two thousand

SORA in the new millennium

Today SORA covers an area of 38 000 m2, of which over 12 000 covered. Its activity involves more than 100 employees. The grinding/revision line includes six departments (Grinding, Heads, Assembly, Welding, gearboxes Overhaul, Testing) and an average volume of processing that exceeds 1,500 overhauled engines per year. The storage covers a space of 4,700 m2 and stocks over 100,000 world's major manufacturers’ items. In half a century, SORA has reached a customer base of over 30,000 buyers, constantly expanding its market area up to cover the entire national territory and reaching the most important foreign markets. SORA is a solid industrial reality that looks to the future without forgetting the corporate values built along these fifty years, and at the same time, it improves the management profile and has expanded from a familiar basis to the inclusion of external managers at the executive board.

"SORA’s future is bright - President Tabanelli says - and we will watch it from via Boaria 52 in Faenza. What we consider as the territory that belongs to us begins here, in fact, and includes within its borders the thousands of workshops, car bodies, car dealership, dealers and wholesalers, who have given us and will still grant their confidence. The main goal in our future exactly is the same as 50 years ago: keeping the trust relationship with these multiple realities. For this we make sure that SORA becomes synonymous with "solution" to the daily problems of all of those who use, keep maintenance and repairing vehicles and engines in Faenza, in Emilia-Romagna, in Italy.

We will continue to follow the fundamental values of professionalism and transparency that have always been the Company flag. Now SORA is evolving, integrating Members experience and expertise, accumulated over years of hard work, with those of other talents, bearers of complementary expertise experienced thanks to the activities carried out in other companies. The balanced integration of these "ingredients", the training and attention to people will lead to grow the new SORA: a team of friendly and cohesive people, which share the same goals, methods, tools and even some "Dream". The balanced progression between history, future, values, technologies, is the key to reach the heart of our customers".