From local firm to nationwide business

During the following decade SORA gradually changed its local size to become a “race horse” able to face the entire national scene. This has been the result thanks to the expertise of each founding member, whom found the way to realize himself also with the constant and rapid market grow. Part of this result has been possible thanks to the “marketing”. It has been introduced very early by Sora when most of the companies did not do it. For this reason, spending lot of money for that time, many catalogues with fully details about prices and services, have been printed and allocated around all Italian regions. At that time, almost every truck driver in Italy had a copy of Sora catalogue on his dashboard.

“In order to increase the business I met all the directors in charge of the transport companies located in Centre and North of Italy – Stefano Tabanelli highlights – and I offered them very competitive prices and shorter delivery times. This strategy let us a constant and consistent enlargement of our activity. Often who bought spare parts from us used to come back for the grinding, and vice versa. At the beginning of the seventies, we were one of the first company to offer the “lightweight” engine: the entire engine block was replaced by a single step, reducing again the processing time. The Company was then evolving from its original semi-artisanal configuration. The man whom most of anyone else led this process was Mr. Silvano Ceroni. Since 1975 he modernised the organization and the commercial policy with the suppliers, letting Sora to become what happened in the following decade”.

The clearest signals about this evolution shown up very soon: since 1976, SORA headquarter doubling in terms of floor space covered and orders constantly increased. So they realized that the best way to maximize the resources was to invest in new tools letting them to manage internally all the necessary procedures. All stations were equipped with hoists and all the tools necessary, and thus making it independent from the rest of the Workshop. These facilities built above each main machine in order to assist workers: the result was a considerable saving of time in each process. During that time, Sora spent lot of energy investing in innovation, developing and building in autonomy facilities to work on engines. For example, they programmed a machine for the hydraulic testing of cylinder heads, one to replace the bushes of the injectors, one to remove the valve guides and new machinery to facilitate the engine’s movement during all assembling steps. Since the mid-seventies, they introduced the complete engine replacement, which let SORA to be again the first supplier for quality, affordability and speed of the service offered.

About replacements since 1975, SORA increased its supply with the spare parts distribution of cars, trucks and buses, especially FIAT and IVECO, becoming a specialist dealership. It was a very special moment: thanks to the particularly convenient terms offered and the significant volumes of pieces stocked, the company became the privileged reference for a big number of workshops and storages located throughout the country.