During the eighties, a new age became in Sora progressive business evolution. It changed from Snc (Society in collective name) to SpA (Joint Stock Company). This step represents its consolidated role in the business sector. Since then SORA gained a leading role nationally recognized in the market for engines and spares.

“The rosy future showing in those years – Giovanni Riva says (age class 1950), founding member’s son in law, Mario Versari, already general Director and President of SORA Board of Directors – let us, between 1980-1981, to extend the area with a new building in via della Boaria 87, in front of our origin headquarter, which was supposed to ensure all the space needed to contain the planned extension. Actually, just some of our departments moved temporary because in 1985 we had the unexpected opportunity to buy the building and the relative field close to the back of our head office. In this way, we had been able to maintain compact the Company operational area. At the same time, we introduced a radical management innovation: the company mechanization supported by the IBM computer system. The new management system implemented by Mr. Silvano Ceroni, since the mid-seventies was working very well and let SORA to move toward its corporate form”.

The transition to SpA took place in 1981 when also Sora became the Lancia dealership parts specialist. Three years later, it started a new partnership with British Leyland, which thereafter became Rover and Land Rover. In the eighties, the spare parts market was more than ever successful and SORA had won the status of wholesaler.

“I started in the Company the same day as Giovanni Riva: on January 7th 1976. During the eighties therefore I was a thirty-year-old man “cutting my teeth on” - Loris Maroni says (age class 1951), founding member’s nephew Ugo Magnani, Supply, Sales and Customer Satisfaction Manager- and at that time the storage was ten times smaller than now and was still managed through a very basic organization system. During the eighties, the storage was radically extended following the evolving partnership with FIAT, as we became seller for both engine internal parts and generic parts”.

During that decade, SORA tripled its sales force into the spare parts market. The agents worked around all the national territory and near the end of the eighties, the company expanded its range by introducing the body spare parts. This sector became as bigger as the grinding one. The IBM system allowed the spare parts stock management, which required also more staff dedicated to this department that increased from two to five people. Today, the spare parts department involves more than 35 employees.